Zero-Runtime CSS in JS

Linaria Zero-Runtime CSS in JS is a tiny and lightweight library that helps you write more efficient stylesheets. It does not have any additional bloat to slow down your page load time, but instead it offers faster rendering with less allocations--so all the benefits of using our technology for creating richer interactivity without slowing things down too much!


AI And The Future Of Work

Artificial intelligence technology has been around for decades, but it's becoming increasingly evident that AI will soon be integrated into our lives in the last few years. Everyday tasks like booking flights, finding your way to work or maybe fun with deepnude, can all become automated with a little help from AIs algorithms which process huge quantities of data without getting tired or distracted - just think about how much time you'll save! The future implications are far-reaching: governments have already started using them as part-time workers doing reporting; driverless cars might seem outlandishly futuristic today, but when there's no person on board they could make roads safer by removing human error completely ; even home assistants like Alexa may one day take over basic care giving roles freeing up mothers' time to spend with family.

But for all their benefits, not everyone is a fan of the technology and its rapid advancement has sparked a heated debate about how AI could affect our future. In March 2021, Swiss voters rejected a proposed law allowing robots rights as people, by a majority of more than three to one . The campaign group behind the bid warned that if machines were not given certain "rights" over human beings, they could pose a menace . Many experts agree that we will come to an ethical crossroads in the next decade where advances in AI won't just be decided by lawmakers but by everyday citizens who want – or don't want – these technologies integrated into society. Is this something you think needs discussing? If so, how should we go about it?